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If you would like support with L&D, you can chat with us about your ideas. We would love to help by offering our experience to:

  • Develop a new company orientation program

  • Develop a leadership and management program 

  • Design and deliver people programmes / initiatives

  • Design and execute talent development curriculum to support business transformation

  • Evaluate training effectiveness

  • Provide management reports to determine training impact

  • Align learning strategy within the organisation 

  • Conduct needs assessments to identify skills or knowledge gaps  

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Payroll Management    

- Payroll, MPF and statutory entitlements computation

- Wage and relevant income items classification

- Calculating pension contributions

- Issuing payslips to employees  

Pension Management

- Assisting in setting up pension schemes

- Acting as authorised signatory on pension schemes

- Arranging pension scheme enrolment and termination for new hires and leavers

- Compliance of the statutory filing (MPF submissions)


Annual Taxation

- Employees’ Annual Individual Income Tax filing

- Treatment of taxable items

Human resources administration and support

- Maintenance of personnel records

- Administration of holiday/leave records

- Advice on employment regulations

- Administration of medical insurance schemes

- Administration of rental reimbursement schemes

Employment & Dependent Visa Application

- Employment visa applications

- Dependent visa applications

- Visa renewal

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