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Are you one of them? / 你是其中之一嗎?

Updated: May 13, 2021

Energy crashed around 3 or 4pm, collapse into bed, awaken at 3am, worry and anxiety feeling, craving for sugar like chocolate, ice cream or brownies or desserts.

A caramel latte with whipped cream or process high sugar (cereal, pastries, pasta, ice cream, potato chips, candies, chocolate bar etc) causes a blood sugar spike. To bring blood sugar back to normal, the pancreas pumps insulin into the bloodstream. When this mechanism occurs frequently, the pancreas begins to overcompensate, shooting too much insulin in the bloodstream. Now blood sugar drops to low, and our adrenal “fight or flight” hormones are called in for backup. The adrenal glands which recognize low blood sugar as a threat to survival, send out hormones to boost it. The problem is these hormones also causes stress. Every time this happens, and for many people it happens every time they eat.

Dysglycemia is a condition in which the body loses the ability to keep blood sugar stable. Modern person’s blood sugar is either chronically low or high, both are stepping into diabetes. Dysglycemia weakens and inflames the digestive tract, weaken the immune barriers of the guts, lungs and brain, drives the adrenal glands into exhaustion, hormonal imbalance (eg, premenstrual syndrome), stop body detoxification, impairs fatty acid metabolism and all of the above weaken thyroid.

Hypoglycemia symptoms:

1. Craving for sweets

2. Irritability if meals are missed

3. Dependency on coffee for energy

4. Becoming lightheaded if meals are missed

5. Eating to relieve fatigue

6. Feeling shaky, jittery or tremulous

7. Feeling agitated and nervous

8. Become upset easily

9. Poor memory forgetfulness

10. Blurred vision

能量在下午3點或4點左右就用完, 墜毀倒在床上,凌晨3點醒來,擔心和焦慮的感覺,渴望吃巧克力,冰淇淋或核仁巧克力餅或甜品。


低血糖症狀: 1.渴望甜品 2.如果錯過了一餐,則會產生煩躁感 3.依賴咖啡獲取能源 4. 如果錯過了一餐,就會變得頭昏眼花 5.進食以緩解疲勞 6.感到不穩,緊張或顫抖 7. 感到焦慮和緊張 8.容易心煩意亂 9.記憶力遺忘 10.視力模糊

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