bulletproof coffee / 防彈咖啡

Updated: May 13, 2021

Coffee shops are all over the place and people line up in the morning and afternoon. When I changed my diet to whole food, the hardest thing I get rid of is coffee. It took me 9 months to completely NOT dependent on coffee.

Some people might have difficulty getting out of bed for more than a few hours per day, inability to keep up life’s daily demands. They often use coffee, colas and other stimulants to get going in the morning or even during the day. Also suffer from hypoglycemia/abnormal blood sugar. Tendency to experience allergies, arthritic pain and decreased immune response. Most women who have low adrenal function have more premenstrual tension as well as increased difficulty during menopause.

If you really want to drink coffee, try bulletproof coffee, there are many ways to make bulletproof coffee, or simply add either butter or coconut oil into your coffee which smoothens the taste and protect your adrenal glands.

咖啡店到處都是, 早晨和下午, 很多人排隊喝咖啡. 當我改變了我的飲食到原形食物時, 我最難擺脫的東西是咖啡. 我花了9個月的時間完全不依賴於咖啡.

有些人可能每天都很難起床超過幾個小時, 無法跟上生活的日常需求. 他們經常使用咖啡, 可樂和其他興奮劑在早晨或日間至完成工作. 患有低血糖/血糖异常 (血糖不符合标准) . 經歷過敏, 關節炎疼痛和減少免疫反應的傾向. 大多數擁有低腎上腺功能的女性都有經前綜合症和痛苦更年期.

如果你真的想喝咖啡, 嘗試防彈咖啡, 有許多方法來製作防彈咖啡, 或者只需新增黃油或椰子油到你的咖啡, 它會讓提高咖啡的味道和保護你的腎上腺.

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