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High blood sugar or insulin resistance, are you one of them? / 高血糖或胰島素抵抗,你是其中之一嗎?

Updated: May 13, 2021

There are many names for high blood sugar, also known as insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome or syndrome X.

Insulin normally escorts glucose into the cells, where it is made into energy. Don’t confuse this glucose with chocolate or ice cream that a lot of people mix up on this. If you eat carbohydrate, our body will break down into glucose.

When cells become insulin resistant, glucose can’t get in, so it circulates round and round the bloodstream, damaging arterial walls, and the brain. Because they body wants to normalize blood sugar levels ASAP, it converts the excess glucose into triglycerides to be stored as fat. This process demands so much energy that you become sleep. This is the person who feels like she needs a nap after every meal (especially the meal heavy in rice, pasta, bread or other carbohydrate).

If this person will die as he/she can’t get some sugar after each meal, hungry all day, even after big meals, also this person who carries a lot of fat on his/her belly and complains of insomnia. Insulin resistance promotes testosterone production in women, women tend to have excess facial hair and a large belly. Men develop more breast tissue and their hips widen. If your meal is just chicken, green beans with olive oil, you won’t feel sleepy after this meal at all. This meal will give you energy to run for the day.

insulin resistance creates a serious risk for heart disease and diabetes, not to mention low thyroid activity.


胰島素通常將葡萄糖護送到細胞中,在那裡它被製成能量。許多人混淆巧克力或冰淇淋是葡萄糖, 不要混淆。如果你吃碳水化合物,我們的身體會分解成葡萄糖。




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