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When is the best timing of getting vitamin D out at the sun? / 甚麼是最佳時機在陽光下獲得維生素D?

Updated: May 13, 2021

Vitamin D produce by our body through sunlight with combine with cholesterol. Sun light – has many light rays. UVA, UVB. Body use UVB to make vitamin D from sun. UVA increase risk of cancer. Smaller portion of the ray is UVB. UVB contains Photons combine cholesterol to make human form Vitamin D3.

To check sun exposure is adequate at right time of the day and right time of the year. You are taller than shadow, then you are making vitamin D optimality. You should try not seeing a shadow at all. If the sun is overhead, above your head. If you are overweight, if you have more adipose tissue you have, more Vitamin D you are required. Processed food will deplete vitamin D in the body.

維生素D由我們的身體通過陽光與膽固醇結合. 陽光-有許多光線. Uva, uvb. 身體用uvb製作維生素D. Uva增加了癌症的風險. 最小分子的光線是uvb. Uvb包含光子結合膽固醇, 讓人類形成維生素D3.

檢查太陽照射是適當的, 在白天和正確的時間. 你比你的影子高, 然後你正在製作維生素d. 你應該盡量不要看到影子. 如果太陽直接在你頭上便是對的. 如果你超重, 如果你有更多的脂肪組織, 你需要更多的維生素D. 加工的食物將在身體里消耗維生素D.

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